Food Delivery &
Chef at the Mezzelune

In Bibbona, Tuscany

From our region
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Thanks to the collaboration with prestigious and typical restaurants of the area, you can benefit from the most delicious food directly at the Mezzelune .

Choose our Signature food delivery or a private Chef at Le Mezzelune.

You can pick your menu and live the unique and extraordinary experience of cooking it together with the chef learning the art of transforming the typical products of our region at the Mezzelune. Alternatively, you can order our signature Food delivery and have your meal on the balcony of your room or cottage, in the common areas of the farmhouse or in the garden.

Enjoy your food without having to move from the farm and be surrounded by the charm of the Mezzelune.

Officina Vallini

Officina Vallini

- Bibbona -

Emanuele Vallini, a chef of great sympathy, vivacity and dynamism. He boasts important national and international experiences. Perfectly at ease in cooking shows and in front of the cameras, Emanuele Vallini participates as well as in food and wine events in numerous television broadcasts including the Prova del Cuoco on Raiuno. With his mainly Tuscan but above all Mediterranean cuisine, he seeks quality in raw materials, ranging from meat to fish, without being influenced by fashions and mannerisms.

Io Cucino

Io Cucino

- Bibbona -

Io cucino was born in July 2015 after a long experience in Bolgheri with “La Magona” restaurant. Enjoy a characteristic atmosphere in the heart of Bibbona. In the kitchen you find Gionata D’Alessi, a chef who loves to draw on tradition and offers dishes according to his style. Specialties are meat and first courses; many types of artisan pasta, with particular attention to the filled ones. In Gionata’s kitchen simplicity has always won thanks to genuine ingredients.

Gionata D'Alessi
Ristorante La Pineta di Zazzeri

La Pineta

- Marina di Bibbona -

The restaurant is a small seaside shack run by the Zazzeri  family since 1964. In the beginning the family managed both the beach club, the restaurant and the bar. In 1997 grandfather Alessandro and his brother split the management leaving Luciano ruling the restaurant until 2019.

Now the restaurant is managed by the two brothers;  one in the kitchen and one in the dining room, following the teachings of the family and remaining attached to those traditions.

Their cuisine is based on fresh fish trying to enhance flavors with delicate cooking techniques.

Andrea and Daniele Zazzeri

Ristorante La Pineta di Zazzeri

Osteria Magona

- Bolgheri -

Grilled meat, this is the real specialty. In the open countryside, on the via Bolgherese, chef Omar Barsacchi welcomes you with a menu full of typical Tuscan dishes, as well as a vast list of the best wines of the area, which can also be purchased directly.

Osteria Magona
Ristorante Frantoio

Il Frantoio

- Montescudaio -

Located in the historic center of Montescudaio. Inside an old oliveoil mill from the 1700s we find an elegant but informal restaurant that perfectly matches the cuisine offered: delicious food from the region and tradition on a contemporary version.

Simone Acquarelli

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